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Located in the heart of England, Kirkpatrick Ltd is the oldest established manufacturer of black iron door and window furniture. Each malleable iron product is handcrafted and finished making each one completely unique. The use of traditional manufacturing techniques and relevant technical advances means that Kirkpatrick products are of the highest quality in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

Kirkpatrick celebrates its history and heritage and still occupies the same premises from where it all began in 1855.



Ironwork Door Furniture

Our range of black ironmongery is the largest available anywhere in the World. Each product is crafted with the care and respect that only our traditional manufacturing methods can achieve. Cast in our traditional foundry and detailed by Kirkpatrick craftsmen our products truly embody heritage and quality and if cared for will last a lifetime.

Our Cast Brass range uses the same traditional patterns.

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Our most popular finish is our traditional black range which features products in antique and smooth iron finishes.

We are also able to supply almost all of our black range in a pewter finish.

Our Staffordshire Bronze Range is based on our standard range but with tough, lustrous Bronze coating.

Our Cast Brass range uses our own traditional patterns.

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Take time to view lifestyle images of our products fitted on windows and doors and see how homes can be transformed by using our traditional and authentic products.

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Kirkpatrick Limited specialise in the following:

Architectural Ironmongery

Architectural Ironmongery is the generic term for all door and window furniture. Kirkpatrick Ltd has been producing Architectural Ironmongery from its foundry in Walsall since 1855. Many of the items shown in catalogues dating from the 19th century are still to be found in the current ranges which are the largest of this type available anywhere in the World. In addition, Kirkpatrick Ltd is the only remaining UK producer of these traditional products.
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Antique Door Furniture

Our range of Antique Door Furniture is based on original patterns from the 19th century giving Kirkpatrick products an authenticity which cannot be found in similar products which are imported from India and China.
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Wrought Iron Door Furniture

Kirkpatrick products are often referred to as Wrought Iron. This is a common misconception. Our traditional ironmongery is manufactured from Malleable Iron which has an inherent toughness and durability which is lacking in other products.
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Kirkpatrick Ironmongery

Kirkpatrick Ironmongery is still manufactured using traditional methods in our factory in Walsall. The skills and methods have been handed down through the generations helping to ensure that when you choose Kirkpatrick products you know that you will have the very best and most authentic products possible.
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Antique Ironmongery

Antique Ironmongery is a style of Architectural Ironmongery which uses traditional patterns of Door Knobs, Door Knockers, Window Fasteners etc which will compliment period houses, cottages and homes. The Antique finish recreates the Olde Worlde style of weathered and distressed products which you would expect to see on older dwellings.
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Black Antique Door Furniture

The Kirkpatrick range of Black Antique Door Furniture is the largest available anywhere in the World. It is also of a much higher quality than imitations which typically originate from the Far East
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Wrought Iron Window Furniture

Kirkpatrick Window Furniture is frequently referred to as Wrought Iron. In fact, it is manufactured from Malleable Iron using traditional methods which, in essence, remain the same as they have since 1855. Malleable Iron has an inherent durability and toughness which makes it ideal for the manufacture of Iron Window Furniture.
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Traditional Ironmongery

If you are looking for traditional ironmongery to enhance the period look of your home you will not find a larger range than Kirkpatrick. From Door Handles to Door Knockers, Letter Plates to Thumb Latches, Window Stays to Coat Hooks Kirkpatrick offer a full range in a variety of finishes including Black Antique, Cast Brass and Pewter and Bronze finishes.
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Malleable Iron Fittings

Kirkpatrick Door and Window furniture is manufactured from Malleable Iron. When iron is cast it is brittle and cannot easily be drilled or hammered. Our annealing process causes a change in the structure of the carbon molecules within the iron products. After annealing they become malleable iron which is stronger and better suited to the production of Ironmongery than other types of iron.
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Casement Window Fasteners

The Kirkpatrick range of Casement Window Fasteners is based on old traditional patterns like all of our Malleable Iron products. They have been developed and updated over the years to suit different tastes and also to meet more stringent security and insurance demands. However, they retain their authentic look and feel offering a product which is both functional and highly decorative.
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Casement Window Locks

Many of our casement window fasteners now have a locking system built in to satisfy the demands of insurers and householders alike. These have been developed from our traditional products so that it is now possible to secure your windows and doors but still retain a period feel to your home.
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Black Antique Ironmongery

Black Antique Ironmongery is at the heart of the Kirkpatrick range. It is extremely durable, highly decorative and it is manufactured in the UK. It is therefore much more environmentally friendly than similar, inferior ranges which are manufactured in the Far East.
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Malleable Iron Castings

Kirkpatrick Ltd also have the ability to manufacture Malleable Iron castings to customer patterns. This was a substantial part of the business up until the 1960’s when the Company took the decision to concentrate on its own range of Black Antique and General Ironmongery.
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Black Iron Door Handles

The Kirkpatrick range of Black Iron Door Handles includes Ring Handles for gates, Pull Handles both large and small for cabinets and doors, Lever Handles both sprung and unsprung, available in lock, latch and 3 way locking versions.
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Wrought Iron Gate Handles

Kirkpatrick Gate Handles are manufactured from traditional patterns in Whiteheart Malleable Iron which is eminently suitable for the hard use to which such handles will typically be subjected. There are no better or stronger traditional gate handles available anywhere in the World.
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