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Although much of Kirkpatrick hasn’t changed significantly in over 160 years, there’s always something new going on within our team, in our factory or with our products – which you can keep up-to-date with right here.

New heating system

New heating system

Its the middle of summer, (apparently), but we are looking ahead to the even colder days ahead with our new heating system. Part of our longer term plans was to upgrade the heating system at some stage. Exactly when it was first installed is not known but our offices and warehouse were built in 1960 so that part of it is at least 50 years old. The other part of the system covers what we call our Machine Shop, where our malleable iron door and window furniture is assembled. This part of the premises must date back to the 1930’s.

We had a breakdown just before the end of last year when one of the old cast iron water pipes sprung a leak. Although a temporary repair was put in place it was obvious that this wouldn’t be a long term solution so we decided to upgrade to a new energy efficient system. The photo shows some of the old pipework which we have removed and the boiler and warm air heaters in the warehouse which should keep us nice and warm in the winter months and also save us money in terms of energy consumption.

Currently, we are also installing modern radiant heating in the Machine shop.