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Smooth Bolt 5170

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Smooth Bolt 5170

Smooth Bolt 5170

Part of the Black Iron range

Product details

Smooth Bolt 5170

This smooth bolt 5170 differs from the majority of our bolt designs as it features an enclosed shoot.

Please note: this product is only available in a straight version.

If smooth black is not in keeping with your home, this is also available in Argent and Pewter, please see below for more details.

Like all of our products, this smooth Bolt 5170 is manufactured by hand in our Walsall based foundry.

Every part of our manufacturing and production is carried out by skilled craftsmen to create products that are truly superior in both quality and longevity.

Protective coating

An initial coating of black/ silver paint and then a second coating of black/ silver powder is used to give our products a distinctive and hard wearing finish. For our Argent finish a clear lacquer is added to protect the ironmongery against the elements.


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.