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Rim Lock Set 1204

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Rim Lock Set 1204

Rim Lock Set 1204

Part of the Black Iron range

Product details

Rim Lock Set 1204

This Antique malleable iron rim lock set 1204 is ideal for doors and gates. This can be supplied as lock, latch and deadlock.  It is supplied with 1550 knob, oval escutcheon and a Wilkes spindle.

The rim lock design is a surface mounted box that contains a lock and latch. The lock and latch are fixed to the door, rather than being set into the edge of the door.

Available in Antique Black, Pewter and Argent. Please see below for colour chart.

This Rim Lock set 1204 is manufactured in our factory in Walsall using traditional sand casting methods.

Malleable iron is used as this is the toughest, most durable material available for a traditional product like this. A coat of black paint and then a second coat of black powder ensure that this product, like our other door and window furniture, will remain highly decorative and functional for many years to come




This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.