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Added to our wide range of product designs, we also have several beautiful finishes to choose from, ensuring you have plenty of choice when looking for the perfect finishing touches for your home or business.

Antique black

A stippled and slightly glossy black iron finish gives our products a unique texture. This is achieved by using antique style castings and the application of our tough powder coat protection. Products which have moving parts are also subjected to a prior coat of paint for additional protection.

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Smooth black

A smooth matt textured, black iron finish. Although many products look similar to those with an Antique Black finish these differ because we use a smooth style pattern. The same paint and powder process as Antique Black is generally used.

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Our Pewter finish is achieved by using a different colour final coating to give a long lasting Pewter effect. This finish is available on most products.

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Argent has a slight stippled ‘naked’ silver metal finish which creates subtle highlights in differing lights. It differs from Pewter in that it is a bare metal finish with a coat of clear lacquer applied for protection.

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