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Although much of Kirkpatrick hasn’t changed significantly in over 160 years, there’s always something new going on within our team, in our factory or with our products – which you can keep up-to-date with right here.

Door Knockers- The Perfect Door Accessory

Door Knockers- The Perfect Door Accessory

Door knockers have been used for centuries and come in many shapes and sizes. Kirkpatrick door knockers combine functionality and design to create a main focal feature for any entrance-way.

Whether you have a characterful cottage, a charming town house or a modern new build, our British handcrafted door knockers are the perfect door accessory. What-ever your style choice, we’ll have the door knocker for you.

The Classic Knockers

If a traditional knocker is what you had in mind, opt for either the Doctor’s door knocker 1005 or the Lion Head Door Knocker 4896.

Doctor’s Door Knocker 1005

This knocker gets its name from traditionally being used to identify a Doctor’s door. In the present day you see this design used on many different property styles. Due to it’s solid and slimline design this knocker has a luxurious look and feel, making it a real statement piece.



Lion Head Door Knocker 4896

This Lion Head Door Knocker is another ‘Old Classic’, that is still extremely popular and looks beautiful on any style of door. Pair with an on trend pastel shade to create a modern twist or keep it traditional by combining our Black finish with natural oak.




The Contemporary Knockers

Knockers 846 and 782


If you are looking for something more contemporary , two of the most popular knockers in our collection are the 846 and 782 due to their simplistic yet bold design. Here our Pewter finish has been used to create a subtle, yet stylish finishing touch.




The Gothic Knocker

Blacksmith Forge Door Knocker 6058

Inspired by the iconic architecture from the late medieval period, these gorgeous Gothic inspired knockers are designed to match all the door furniture in our Blacksmith Forge range. Unlike most of our door knockers, the 6058 has a smooth finish.  Choose our ‘naked silver’ Argent finish for a rustic enthused look or Black for a modern look.



The Quirky Door Knockers

Hand Door Knocker 1239 and Bat Door Knocker 2621

If something unique is more up your street, then we have a range of quirky door knockers that been added to our collection over the years. Here our Hand door knocker 1239 has been used to sprouse up a modern composite door and the Bat door knocker 2621 was selected to give a new lease of life to a renovated door.

So, whether you want a classic knocker or something a bit different, you are sure to find something in our large door knocker collection.

If you are interested in viewing all our handcrafted door knockers – please visit our Door Knockers page.  All of our handcrafted door knockers are available in Black, Argent and Pewter. A select few are also available in Brass.



Photo credits: Doctor’s Door Knocker on Oak Door : Peter Mycock, Lion Head Door Knocker on Oak: Old English Doors, Contemporary Knocker on blue door: Lemon Glass UK, Contemporary Knocker on grey door: William Richards of Shropshire, Hand Knocker: Carly Glover. All of these photos were submitted to our customer photo competition.