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Although much of Kirkpatrick hasn’t changed significantly in over 160 years, there’s always something new going on within our team, in our factory or with our products – which you can keep up-to-date with right here.

Have you heard about Blacksmith Forge?

Have you heard about Blacksmith Forge?

Smooth, Matt and Gothic inspired….. Here is why you should purchase Kirkpatrick’s Blacksmith Forge Range

Unlike our trademark Antique style ironmongery, the Blacksmith Forge range encompasses a more modern and contemporary feel- making it ideal for the current interior design trends of 2018.

Blacksmith Forge relates back to the beautiful and iconic architecture of the 16th century with its bold and eye-catching designs. Whether you want to give a tired door a new lease of life or frame a beautiful view with beautiful ironmongery, here is how you can integrate our Blacksmith Forge range into every room in your home.


Blacksmith Forge Lever Handles

Lever Handle 6052 & Lever Handle 6050

Whether you have rustic oak style doors or modern light / painted doors, these handles will make a bold statement that your visitors are sure to admire.

Available in PewterArgent or Black you will find the perfect finish to match your beautiful home.

These handles are also suitable for bother interior and exterior use.

As well as lever handles, we also have a variety of other door furniture to finish off the look of your entrance way.


Door Knocker 6058 & Letter Plate 6080

Frame your View

Matching items are available throughout the Blacksmith Forge range including our window furniture.

Shepherds Crook- This beautiful window furniture will add instant charm and character to any window- making it the perfect choice to frame your view with.


Casement stay 6069 and Fastener 6062

Monkey Tail- The most popular of all our window furniture designs is the Monkey Tail with more and more consumers opting for the matt, smooth finish.

This design suits cottage style homes and modern alike. Changing your window fittings is an easy way to freshen up the look of any room.

Kirkpatrick Blacksmith 074_SML

Casement Fastener 6063 and Stay 6070

Spice up your Kitchen

Traditionally used as coat hooks, our Blacksmith Forge hooks are multi-functional. Why not use them as an alternative, space saving tool for hanging kitchen utensils.

Kirkpatrick Blacksmith 104_SML

Hook 6065

You can View the whole Blacksmith Forge Range Here