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Although much of Kirkpatrick hasn’t changed significantly in over 160 years, there’s always something new going on within our team, in our factory or with our products – which you can keep up-to-date with right here.

How to ensure your Kirkpatrick Black Ironmongery lasts a lifetime

How to ensure your Kirkpatrick Black Ironmongery lasts a lifetime

Top tips for caring for your ironmongery


All Kirkpatrick malleable black iron products are manufactured by hand to ensure they are of the highest quality and are finished with a two-coat system. A coat of black paint and a layer of tough powder coating give our products their unique, hard wearing finish.


However, all iron products are susceptible to some damage especially those with moving parts, these include

-Lever Handles

-Door Knockers


-Letter plates


Over time and with continual use the protective coating can become worn, however if you follow these simple steps and take good care of your Kirkpatrick products, they really will last a lifetime.

-Lightly oil the moving parts of your products before fitting.

-From time to time wipe over your products with an oiled cloth- this is to remove any harmful deposits and to re-apply oil to the moving parts

This is particularly important if you live in a coastal area as the salty air has a corrosive effect on iron. 

(Please note: If you live in a coastal area, we offer zinc plating which protects the products further from the salty air)


What type of oil should I use on my products? 

We would recommend using a two-in-one style lubricant oil. Please avoid using WD40 on any Kirkpatrick products as this can affect the protective coating.

What should I do if the paint has chipped on my product? 

This is extremely unusual, however with age and wear sometimes the protective paint can become chipped over time.

-Apply a hammarite type paint in ‘Black’, this will touch up any chipped areas and protect the item from further damage.

By following these simple steps, your Kirkpatrick Ironmongery will remain extremely decorative and functional for a life time and beyond.