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Although much of Kirkpatrick hasn’t changed significantly in over 160 years, there’s always something new going on within our team, in our factory or with our products – which you can keep up-to-date with right here.

Old printing blocks

Old printing blocks

These are just a very small selection of old printing blocks we have in our offices. They are all kept in what appear to be bespoke drawers/cabinets. We have to be honest and say that we are only assuming that they were used for printing purposes. No-one who currently works here has ever known them to be used. You can see a selection of lever and door pull handles.

Can anyone shed any light on how these were used? Is there a museum anywhere that would be interested in looking at them?

One day, when we get time we will set up a heritage room featuring some of these sorts of things plus old products, old documents, old photographs showing how Kirkpatrick Ltd has evolved over 160 years to the position where it is now the only remaining UK manufacturer of traditional Black Antique Ironmongery.