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Bell crank 1778

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Bell Crank 1778

Bell crank 1778

Part of the Black Iron range

Product details

Bell Crank Crank

This lovely wrought iron Bell Crank 1778 is part of our Antique Door furniture collection and can be matched with any other door furniture in this range.

Option 1-

Fitted with electrical components for use with a modern electric style bell

Option 2-

Not fitted with electrical components for use with a traditional bell.

This item can be purchased in Black, Pewter or Argent. If you would like to find out more information on our colour finishes – please click here.

Like all Kirkpatrick malleable iron products, this has been designed and manufactured in the UK. Every item follows a handcrafted process from start to finish, to ensure the highest quality.

The Antique Black and Pewter finish, follow a two-stage protective coating, first a layer of paint and then a second layer or powder is applied to create a long lasting and durable protective coating.

For Argent- a protective clear lacquer is applied to the bare metal finish.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.