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Blacksmith Bolt 6068

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Bolt 6068

Blacksmith Bolt 6068

Part of the Blacksmith Forge range

Product details


The Blacksmith Bolt 6068 is part of the Blacksmith Forge range. This bolt is available in both a straight and cranked version. Available in both a 4″ and 6″ size, see below for more details.

Unlike most of our Iron door furniture, this product is cast from a smooth pattern, giving it a more sleek look and feel. Our Blacksmith Bolt will enhance the look of any door or gate and is designed to match the style of the other Blacksmith Forge items.

Like all Kirkpatrick Blacksmith products, the 6068 can be purchased in Smooth Black, Pewter or Argent.

Kirkpatrick products have been manufactured in the UK since 1855 and the same traditional methods are still used to this day, meaning every piece of our handcrafted ironmongery is superior in quality and longevity to imported foreign substitutes.

To find out more about the handcrafted nature of our products – visit our Handmade to Last page

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.