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Centre door knob 3066

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Centre Door Knob 3066

Centre door knob 3066

Part of the Black Iron range

Product details

Centre Door Knob 3066

This Antique Centre Door Knob 3066 is part of our Black Iron collection. A centre door knob is larger in size than a traditional pair of door knobs and is used for pushing open and pulling closed doors as it is fixed. This style of Door Knob was very popular in the Georgian era as it creates an impressive looking design paired with a letter plate and door knocker. Please see the image above for some design inspiration.

Available in all of our Antique finishes- Black, Argent and Pewter.

The Centre Door Knocker 3066 like all of our malleable iron products has been handmade from start to finish in our Walsall based foundry. Every Kirkpatrick iron product is made from malleable iron, due to its durable and strong properties. Unlike many foreign imports, we used the highest quality materials to ensure our products are superior in design, strength and longevity.

Our protective coating for Black and Pewter items consists of a two-stage system, first a coat of black/ pewter paint and then a second coat of black/pewter is applied to ensure our products are protected against the elements and will remain highly decorative and functional for many years to come.

Argent items are finished with a clear protective lacquer.


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.