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Antique Door knob 1550

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Door Knob 1550

Antique Door knob 1550

Part of the Black Iron range

Product details

Antique Door Knob 1550

The Door Knob 1550 features a classic look, which can be used in any style of interior or exterior.

Mortice Set 

The Mortice Door Knob 1550 is for use with a mortice lock or latch. When purchasing this item you will receive two knobs and two plates.

Rim Set 

The Rim Set Door Knob 155o is for use with a rimlock. When purchasing this item you will receive two knobs, one plate and escutcheon 3011 . Spindle and fixings screws are supplied.

This product is cast using an Antique style pattern and can be purchased in Black, Pewter and Argent. (Please see below for the different finishes)

All Kirkpatrick products, this door knob is manufactured in our Walsall based foundry using traditional techniques.

For both the Black and Pewter finish, an initial layer or paint and then a second layer or powder coating is applied to created a durable protective coating. For Argent, a clear lacquer is applied to maintain the bare metal look.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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