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Letter plate 1085 – Postal Door Knocker

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Letter Plate 1085

Letter plate 1085 – Postal Door Knocker

Part of the Black Iron range

Product details

Letter Plate 1085

The postal door knocker Letter Plate 1085 combines beauty and functionality.

This multifunctional Letter Plate incorporates the fleurs-de-lys design with the added component of a door knocker.

If you prefer the traditional sound of a door knocker, when hearing a visitor, then the Kirkpatrick Letter Plate 1083 is for you.

This quirky knocker will guarantee to add a unique and desirable look to any style of front door.  It is available in a Pewter, Argent or Antique Black Finish, making it suitable for all properties.

Like all Kirkpatrick products, the Postal Door Knocker has been designed and manufactured within our British Foundry based in Walsall.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.