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Antique Lever handle 1563

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Lever Handle 1563

Antique Lever handle 1563

Part of the Antique & Black Iron & Lever Handle range

Product details

Antique Lever Handle 1563

This intricate design Lever Handle 1563 will revamp the look of any door, whether the property is of a traditional or modern style. The handle encompasses a scroll like design which adds to the decorative nature of the product.

This product is available in a range of finishes including Pewter, Argent and our trademark Antique Black.  Whichever finish you opt for, this beautiful lever handle will create a unique look with it’s delicate details that people will admire for years to come.

The Lever Handle 1563 is spring loaded and has a two coat protective finish. This product is available in bathroom, latch and lock options (Lock version pictured).

All Kirkpatrick Products are designed and manufactured in the UK.  Malleable Iron is used due to its strong and durable properties.  A coat of black paint and then a second coat of black powder ensure that this product, like our other door and window furniture, will remain highly decorative and functional for many years to come.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.