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Bathroom Privacy bolt 1150

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Bathroom Privacy Bolt 1150

Bathroom Privacy bolt 1150

Part of the Black Iron & Cast Brass range


Product details

Bathroom Privacy Bolt 1150

This Bathroom Privacy bolt 1150 is part of our Black Iron range. It featured both a vacant and engaged sign. This privacy bolt allows for a door to be locked from the inside. For safety, this bolt can also be opened from the outside.


The Privacy Bolt 1150 comes in our trademark Antique finish and is available in Black, Pewter and Argent (Please see below for colour chart).

Like all Kirkpatrick Malleable iron products, this lovely Privacy Bolt 1150 has been manufactured from start to finish in our Walsall foundry based in the heart of the Black Country. Traditional sand casting and manufacturing methods are still used, to ensure our products are superior in quality and longevity than those manufactured abroad.

All Kirkpatrick Black Iron products are finished with a 2 coat protective coating, this is first a later of black powder and then black paint. The same process is applied for our Pewter finish. For Argent and Brass , a clear lacquer is used for a protective coating.